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This year Ballarat Golf Club are again offering two Junior Scholarships to two Junior Golfers from the Ballarat District, one girl and one boy.

Junior Scholarship Details

The winning Junior will be chosen from a panel of judges and will receive

  • A 2020 Vic Open Experience
  • An ALPG Pro Am experience thanks to Australian Ladies Professional Golf
  • A Ballarat Golf Club Membership for the 2020 calendar year
  • Full game analysis with a BGC Professional through David Wallis Golf
  • A once in a lifetime half day expierence at the PGA centre for learning and performance including:
    - Trackman ball flight analysis
    - Putt lab analysis
    - Golf specific physical screening
    - Golf Fitness and condition training
  • A Titleist Pack including:
    - 1 x dozen Titleist Pro V1 or Pro V1x Golf Balls
    - 2 x Footjoy Golf Gloves
    - 2 x Titleist Caps
    - 2 x Footjoy Socks
  • If the successful applicant held a Junior Membership at another club in 2019, Ballarat Golf Club will pay for that membership in 2020.

Applicants do not need to be a member of the Ballarat Golf Club or current member of any golf club to apply.

Applications must be received via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 5pm on Friday 29th November 2019.
Applications are open to anyone under the age of 18 at the time of application, living in the Ballarat District Golf Association Region.

Supporting documentation may be supplied with the application including references, images, videos etc.

Transport to and from events and training sessions is at the expense of the winning applicant.

We would encourage the winning applicant to keep us up to date with their year by sharing some of their experience through social media channels including Facebook and instagram. As well as participating in organised media and photo opportunities.

Key Dates

  • Tuesday 1st October 2019 - Applications Open
  • Friday 29th November 2019 - Application Close
  • Monday December 9th 2019 - Winner Announced

Contact Details

For any inquires or application submission, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Junior Scholarship Application

pdfClick Here to download the Junior Scholarship Application

Quotes from our Winners

Liam Howlett - 2019 Scholarship Winner

"The Scholarship provided by the Ballarat Golf Club has provided so many experiences to me over the last twelve months and also given me great pride in being a part of the Ballarat Golf Club."

"My confidence both on and off the field has increased over the past year with being recognised as the scholarship recipient, with the support of those at the Ballarat Golf Club and from many experiences I have been lucky to enjoy."

"Highlights include attendance at Victorian Open Inside the Ropes. I was a marshal for my favourite player Lucas Herbert, the volunteers at the event were fantastic and it was so amazing being up close to professional golfers and being part of the action."

"Attendance at the PGA Centre for Excellence at Sandhurst was a fantastic day and I learnt so much about my game, the technology used and what to improve upon."

"The practice facilities at Ballarat Golf Club provides an excellent opportunity for me to practice and play golf. These facilities would be of great benefit to any young player within the district."

"With the confidence coming from being a scholarship winner I have worked hard over the last twelve months to improve my game both technically and mentally. From this I have entered more tournaments and looked for new experiences to represent Ballarat Golf Club. I was recently selected in the Under 12 Golf Team to represent Victoria in Queensland at the upcoming Championships. The Scholarship has definitely helped me to improve overall which has assisted with my selection."

"I know that any recipient of this award would have such an amazing year both on and off the field in relation to their golfing journey and be of a huge benefit to them. Ballarat Golf Club do an amazing job facilitating this award."

"Thank you again to the selection panel at the Ballarat Golf Club and to David Wallis at the Ballarat Pro Shop who have shown huge support."

"Thank you for the opportunity to represent Ballarat Golf Club from myself and family who have enjoyed such a wonderful year."


Gabby & Justin Howlett - Mother of Winner Liam Howlett

"As requested we have provided below some thoughts regarding the Scholarship and wish to acknowledge yourself and the Ballarat Golf Club regarding Liam’s past twelve months as a recipient of the Ballarat Golf Club Scholarship 2019."

"We were excited and proud for Liam being awarded the boys Ballarat Golf Club Junior scholarship, and the award was also a highlight and proud moment for us as a family.
We have been lucky enough to be part of the Ballarat Golf Club community for some time, however this recognition installed an additional sense of belonging for Liam and harnessed a deep sense of pride in his club."

"Liam can only be described as a fanatical golfer – his scholarship has only fuelled this fire and his determination to become the best golfer he can be.
This award made a noticeable impact on his confidence – both on and off the course. Being so young, Liam was new to the competitive aspects of the game, being recognised as a scholarship recipient armed him with various experiences, confidence and opportunities that kick started what has proven to be a very significant twelve months of golf."

"It’s difficult to pick which scholarship awards and benefits were most beneficial to Liam, but one in particular clearly had the most impact on him – the Victoria Open Inside the Ropes experience at 13th Beach.
Liam’s favourite golfer for some time has been Lucas Herbert – and circumstances allowed Liam’s Victorian Open experience to coincide with the chance to be a Marshal for Lucas’s group on the third day – not to mention alongside two other international stars in Andrew Johnston and Ryo Ishikawa."

"The Open organisers and staff were great with Liam, along with Lucas and his caddy who went out of their way to make sure Liam had the most memorable day……capped off by a high five between Lucas and Liam after a memorable bunker shot on the last hole of the day. The photos, memorabilia and signatures Lucas gave Liam after the day’s play still take pride of place in his room."

"To this day Liam still recalls moments from that overall experience, and the exposure to the professional ranks at such close quarters, which has provided the motivation and confidence to enter events/tournaments that he previously may have been reluctant to do so."

"Apart from this experience, the overall encouragement Liam has received over the past twelve months has been nothing short of amazing. Special mention really must go to David Wallis Golf and his team – who have supported and encouraged Liam’s past twelve months golfing journey. The sense of belonging he has gained from the team has in no doubt contributed to his overall love of the game and desire to do the club proud."

"Likewise, we would also like to thank PGA and Golf Australia, for their sponsorship of the program but in particular for the training day provided at the PGA centre at Sandhurst. For a golfing tragic such as Liam to have exposure to elite training facilities and feedback for a day still has lasting impacts on him."

"Special thanks to Titleist, whose gift pack could not have been more welcome than for a golfing tragic who loves his golf apparel…..not to mention the premium labels/equipment that Titleist is.
We acknowledge what a fantastic opportunity the Ballarat Golf Club, it’s Committee and sponsors provide to junior golfers especially in the form of this scholarship. We hope the Club knows just how much of an impact such an award can make to a young person, both on the course but the confidence and sense of belonging it instils in them."

"Whilst such a program is more than just developing golf ability and results, it certainly has had a major impact on Liam in this regard. We have only just been informed that Liam has been selected in the Victorian State Team (12 years and under) representing Victoria later this year. We have no doubt that the experiences, opportunities and technical advancement the scholarship provided has provided a major role in his achievement. The fact Liam is the only regional Victoria team member perhaps speaks volumes to the benefits of such a program.:

"We encourage all families to participate in applying for any opportunities that may exist going forward with the scholarship program as the benefits, skill advancement and lasting memories (not just for the recipients themselves, but the families as a whole) are priceless."

"We are more than happy to assist the club in any way moving forward with this program, and are certainly happy to speak to any families considering applying for the scholarship."

Millie Cassidy - 2019 Scholarship Winner

"I was very honoured and grateful to be awarded a Ballarat Golf Club Scholarship this year, especially when I live in Maryborough. I’ve really en-joyed this year with the opportunities the scholarship has given me. I now have greater confidence and have seen many improvements in my golf game."

"When I was announced as a scholarship winner my general handi-cap was 17.5 and almost a year later I’m down to 10.6. I now have the lowest handicap in my family which was one of my goals for this year. Highlights from the scholarship benefits included seeing profession-al golfers live for the first time with the behind the ropes experience at The Vic Open."

"To be that close to the players and hear them talk over each shot was amazing. I was also able to meet and have photos taken with Karie Webb, Minjee Lee and Su Oh while watching the players warm up. I loved the full day at the PGA centre for learning and performance. To have access to those facilities and coaches was something I never thought I would have the opportunity to do."

"I hope to be able to come to Ballarat Golf Club more often to use the great facilities and really make the most of the scholarship benefits for the remainder of the year."

Rose Britt - 2018 Scholarship Winner

"I have had great benefit from the scholarship because it has not only made my golf better but it has given me the confidence to play in more tournaments and be more involved in local golf."

"The facilities at Ballarat Golf Club have been great for my practice and I'm sure any junior would benefit from the facilities at Ballarat Golf Club. The inside the ropes experience at The Vic Open gave me a real insight into how a professional goes about their game."

"The highlights for me have been firstly winning the scholarship but what I enjoyed the most was the Vic Open and meeting Minjee Lee. I also really enjoyed the day at the PGA Learning Centre."

"The scholarship has really benefited my game both mentally and physically. It has ena-bled me to have more confidence as a junior girl golfer and given me the skills I need to become better. Also the practice facilities at BGC have been great for me to improve my game and I have reduced my handicap by 9 shots since winning the scholarship."

"I am very thankful for the opportunity I have had to be the recipient of the scholarship. I am excited that another person may get an opportunity like me and I hope they enjoy and appreciate it as much as I have."

"Thank you so much for choosing me. And thank you Ballarat Golf Club."

"Thanks again"

Travis Britt - Father of Rose
"The real benefit to Rose in winning the scholarship was the confidence it gave her to believe in herself and her game. At the time of the application Rose's handicap was 23. In the last seven months her handicap has reduced by 9 shots now playing off 14 with her goal of being a single figure handicapper just 5 shots away. I'm sure this is a direct result of the confidence that came from winning the scholarship and her dedication to make the most of this opportunity.

" I believe that right now Junior Golf in Ballarat is quite strong and to be able to nurture and help our juniors grow is important to Ballarat and the game of golf. I would encourage any juniors from any club to try out for the scholarship. Not only for the purpose of having the opportunities that Rose has been given but to also use it as an opportunity to look at their golf game and ask themselves about their future goals and aspirations."

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