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  • Hole 10 - Fairway

    Hole 10 - Fairway

  • Hole 10 - Fairway

    Hole 10 - Fairway

  • Hole 10 - Green

    Hole 10 - Green

  • Hole 10 - Tee

    Hole 10 - Tee


Hole 10


This relatively short Par 5, at 471 metres (456 from the Members tee and 411 from the Ladies tee), is played along the western boundary from the clubhouse with O.O.B. on the LHS. This hole presents many choices and challenges. The first of two creek or ‘burn’ crossings is at around 240 metres (260 metre carry), which means players wanting to reach the green in two have to be as close to this water as possible.

The best approach to the green if you cannot reach it in two, is to lay up left and short of the second water crossing to enable a full wedge to the green. A combination of a fairway bunker some 20 metres short of the green, and a deep and difficult greenside bunker front right protects this green, which slopes to the back left.


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