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  • Hole 12 - Green

    Hole 12 - Green

  • Hole 12 - Fairway

    Hole 12 - Fairway

  • Hole 12 - Tee

    Hole 12 - Tee


Hole 12

  Length Par Index
Black 298 4 12/30
Blue 282 4 15/33
Red 265 4 14/32

The North West corner of the course is occupied by this short 301 metre par 4 (282 from the Members tee and 265 from the Ladies tee) with O.O.B. on the left and the landscaped bank of the turkey’s nest irrigation storage lake on the right of the green. A straight tee shot is needed as the fairway runs diagonally towards the large pine trees that frame the fairway on the RHS.

Just short of the green a tongue of semi-rough protects the green. Longer hitters can go for the green, but have to negotiate the large pines on the LHS and a small pot bunker on the right of the green, which is there to catch shots bouncing off the mounds back onto the green. The elevated green is ridged at the front then falls back left. A conservative way to play this hole is to hit a tee shot to the right of centre of 190 metres, short of all the trouble, then play a full wedge into this small green. Although short this hole is likely to be remembered, a little gem.


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