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  • Hole 3 - Tee

    Hole 3 - Tee

  • Hole 3 - Fairway

    Hole 3 - Fairway

  • Hole 3 - Fairway

    Hole 3 - Fairway

  • Hole 3 - Greenside

    Hole 3 - Greenside


Hole 3

This short, well bunkered, 319 metre par 4 (283 from the Members and 248 from the Ladies tee) is slightly downhill with an O.O.B. full length of the LHS, a bunker at 240 metres centre right and tongue of rough extending almost full width of fairway. Although short the defence of the hole is its small and elevated green of only 14 metres front to back. There are two ways to play the tee shot, either by trying to drive the green and taking the risk of the bunkering, or by laying up with an iron for the tee shot, to give a full shot into the green.

If you get too close to the putting surface the best shot is a pitch and run, as it will be too difficult to hold the green any other way. There is also plenty of trouble over the green with a large swale and bushes to catch the over played shot. Many a good stroke round could be ruined, if the right shot isn’t played. A variety of pin positions are available, with the more difficult on the LHS of the green behind the bunker and generally close to the front edge.

  Length Par Men Index Women Index
Black Tee 318 4 11/25  
Blue Tee 280 4 15/33  
Red Tee 245 4   16/34/50
White Tee 245 4 18/34  
Green Tee 280 4    
Gold Tee 120 4    


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