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  • Hole 5 - Tee

    Hole 5 - Tee

  • Hole 5 - Fairway

    Hole 5 - Fairway

  • Hole 5 - Fairway

    Hole 5 - Fairway

  • Hole 5 - Green

    Hole 5 - Green


Hole 5

  Length Par Index
Black 414 4 1/19
Blue 389 4 1/19
Red 346 4 5/23/41

At 417 metres (389 from the Members tee and 346 from the Ladies tee), this par 4 dogleg right is the second longest par 4 on the course. A fairway bunker at 235 metres on the left and a narrowing of the fairway on the right provides a very narrow opening to play through.

Players need to “flirt” with the deep fairway bunker with the drive, and positioning of the tee shot should be on the LHS to have clear access to the green, as another fairway bunker has been placed some 50 metres short of the green on the RHS, giving the allusion that the green is closer than it is. There are large swales left and right of the green and mounding at the back, giving this the look of an Irish Links course, with the putting surface nestling in a “Dell”.

A really good hole to make a par on, as both shots will have to be accurate and long, especially into a “south westerly”.


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