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  • Hole 7 - Tee

    Hole 7 - Tee

  • Hole 7 - Fairway

    Hole 7 - Fairway

  • Hole 7 - Fairway

    Hole 7 - Fairway

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    Hole 7 - Green


Hole 7

This is a 493 metre par 5 (465 from the Members tee and 428 from the Ladies tee), playing slightly downhill, almost due west and perhaps offering a little relief after the challenging fifth and sixth. The water on the LHS should not affect play to any great degree, but two fairway bunkers on the LHS may come into play as the double row of mature pine trees that runs down the RHS between this and the neighbouring second fairway.

A good tee shot to the left of centre can set up play to attack the green in two, but players have to negotiate two LHS fairway bunkers, located at 260 metres from the tee. The second shot has to be played through a narrow opening with the two bunkers on the LHS and a further greenside bunker on the right. The green slopes from back right to front left with a large swale on the front LHS, which is approximately 1.5 metres below the level of the green.

  LengthParMen IndexWomen Index
Black Tee 487 5 13/31  
Blue Tee 455 5 13/25  
Red Tee 420 5   10/24/42
White Tee 455 5 10/26  
Green Tee 455 5    
Gold Tee 110 3    


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