Ballarat Golf Club

2020 Fee Structure and Operation

Beginner Subsciption $135   
House Levy $50 (for use in the bar and bistro areas of the clubhouse)
Other Charges $0  
Total 2020 Fee $185  

Terms & Conditions of Beginner Membership

  • Full access to Golflink Handicap.
  • Membership benefits throughout Clubhouse
  • Not eligible to win Monthly Medals or Club Championships. Eligible to win all other Board Events.
  • Must pay 50% of the Green Fee applicable to the time and holes played every time they play.
  • Must pay the full relevant competition fees in full for any competition they are competing in
  • At any stage they can upgrade their membership category and pay the difference.
  • Not eligible for Monthly instalments. Must be paid in full.
  • Pro Rata rates will be applied as applicable.
  • Must have completed a clinic at Ballarat Golf Club and never have held a GOLFLink Number previously.
  • 2 Year availability to Membership.
  • Beginner Members are not eligible to vote or hold a position on a committee.