Ballarat Golf Club

2019 05 jeff powellThis week we want to say a special thank you to our course superintendent Jeff Powell. 34 years in the job here at BGC and Jeff is a huge asset to the club. The knowledge and expertise he brings to running the course and his team is why we have the world class course we have.

This week we acknowledge Jeff and his team for the work they do everyday to keep the course in top condition.


"I have had the pleasure to work closely with Jeff for over 15 years, when we were on our original course we had limited funds, Jeff would utilise his knowledge and expertise as not just a green keeper, but as a mechanic, carpenter, jack of all trades!

Moving to our new course was a big learning curve for us all, Jeff jumped in 100% and his feedback and knowledge made sure the transition from the old to the new course was handled with as little disruption to members as possible.

Not only did we have a new course growing in, we had to maintain NEW temporary holes, look after the old course and keep abreast of the new development. His staff admire him and some have gone onto preparing golf courses in the United States for PGA events.

Jeff is very passionate about his role and the course, he works many hours above what is required just to make sure things will be ok for our members.

Congratulations and Thank you Jeff and your staff for being such a committed group and for you as an inspiring leader."

Michael Erbacher
BGC Club Captain


"I’ve worked with Jeff for 10 years and during that time I have had the pleasure of getting to know the man who is passionate not only about his course but also his staff.

The design and construction of the new course, the transition onto it and its ongoing development and maintenance come with a huge amount of challenges, problems and frustrations for Jeff which are rarely evident to us the members.
But it ultimately comes with the great reward of this outstanding course we have and we should all recognise the incredible contribution of Jeff in not only achieving this but doing so with ever increasing pressures on available resources. (How many of us have spotted Jeff on his numerous visits to the course over a weekend just to check that things are OK?)

A number of awards have been made to his staff over recent years which reflect on the time, effort and care Jeff puts into not only their quality of work and training but also into their wellbeing.

Few members see the real dedication of this man to what we - the members - enjoy so much – an outstanding golf course.

Well done Jeff – I believe we and those who enjoy our course now and well into the future all owe you our thanks."

Gary Fry
BGC Opperations Manager


Thank you for bringing your best to work everyday Jeff, your passion and commitment to our club is very much appreciated by all.

Jeff Powell is the Ballarat Golf Club’s longest serving employee, commencing in 1985 and has worked through the massive transition from the old course to what we have today.
Jeff is dedicated to making our club the best that it can possibly be for both our members and the wider national and even international golfing community.
Jeff’s dedication to his job extends beyond the course, to his staff. He is very well respected by all; with whom he shares his knowledge and “can do” attitude. The depth of his knowledge is evidenced by the fact that several of his apprentices have been recognised with National Industry Awards and have moved on to work at International Clubs.

Jeff and his team have maintained our course to such a high standard, that Ballarat Golf Club is consistently recognised in the Top 100 Public Access Courses in Australia and has hosted a number of major national events over the past years.
Jeff has had to work with many different boards, committees and club professionals over his years at BGC, which he has done whilst always maintaining his focus on achieving the best possible standard for all of our members.

Thank you again Jeff!

Could I ask all members, next time you see Jeff or one of his staff, to give them a wave to say “thanks” to show your appreciation for the course that we all get to play on each week?

Wayne Hines
BGC Club President.


As part of the Australian Golf Course Superintendents Association (AGCSA) “Thank a Superintendent Week” from May 13th to 20th, our club alongside all clubs celebrate the great contributions golf course Superintendents and their teams make to the game of golf in Australia.
Superintendents and their teams work tirelessly to manage the largest and most valuable asset of every golf facility - the Course.

As Superintendents and their teams continually strive to keep the game’s turf and surrounds healthy and attractive, environmental stewardship is always a primary focus. Thanks to the efforts of many Superintendents, Course Managers and their teams, Australia is home to some of the most breathtaking courses in the world; where golfers continue to experience playing on world-class facilities.

From small regional gems, to international tourism drawcards, to remarkable metropolitan icons, Australian Golf Courses are maintained by dedicated teams, delivering hundreds of thousands of rounds of golf every year, prepared employing sustainable environmental management practices and expanding greenspaces and natural wildlife habitats.

Please join us in thanking our Superintendents and Course Management team by sharing the pride in our Course through photos, videos and messages of appreciation between May 13 and 20, using the campaign hashtags #ThankASuperAUS and #OurAGCSA