Ballarat Golf Club

Club UpdateUpdate 18/9/20

Check out the video below for all of the latest news on the club reopening

  • New Member Booking System Issues
  • Golf Reopening
  • Getting back to normal
  • Practise Facilities back open
  • Covid Rules & Regulations
  • Bistro Reopening
  • Takeaway now available.

Update 7/8/20

Check the video below for all of the latest details on the Stage 3 Restrictions at the club.

  • Update on Covid Restrictions
  • Update on Golf Competitions
  • Pro Shop Open
  • Golf Lessons

Update 7/7/20

Check out the latest update form the club.

This update includes:

  • Update on Weekend comps
  • Renovation Update
  • AGM update
  • Changes to booking in Proshop
  • Club Championship Update
  • Introduction to our new chef

Update 11/6/20

Check out the latest update about what is happening at the club.

This update includes:

  • Changes to Weekend competitions
  • Putting & Chipping green to open to members
  • Carts now available for all to use
  • Renovation Update

Update 26/5/20

Below is our latest update on what is happening at the club.

This update includes:

  • Changes to Tee Tines
  • Changes to weekly comps
  • Looking after the course
  • Driving Range update
  • Renovations Update

If you have a question that you would like to ask, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Update - 12/5/20


Following some clarification of allowed playing conditions there will be changes to the conditions of play commencing Saturday the 16th of May.

Commencing Saturday the 16th of May:

  • Play will be allowed in groups of 4
  • Single Tee Start on all days.
  • Wednesday and Thursday - Members only up to 12:30 p.m. - 9 holes only from 2:10 p.m.
  • Saturday - Members only until 1:30 p.m. - • 9 holes only from 1:40 p.m
  • All Other Days - Open to members, guests and green fee players. 9 holes only from 1:40 p.m

A quick reminder of the key points

  • All Players must be off the course by 6:00 p.m.
  • All play is social*.
  • ALL Play and Driving Range use must be prebooked.
  • Putting and Chipping Green are closed
  • Prior to any play or driving range use members and guests will be required to sign off on these "rules" before being allowed to play or use the driving range. Copies will be available at the Club.
  • Hire cart use is only available to members who provide a medical certificate dated within the last 3 months indicating that use is required.
  • 1 person per cart.
  • No alcohol on course.

* It is expected that some form of competition will be introduced next week along with appropriate course and rule changes. You will be advised when updated.

Please - enjoy the golf and care for the course and others.

Great News, Golf is Back!

Golf at the Club is back from Wednesday 13 May.

Time sheets will be open from 8:00AM tomorrow morning.

At this point the COVID-19 CONDITIONS OF PLAY that were distributed last Friday will remain in place. They will be reviewed and revised with probable changes implemented early next week.

The full list of regulations are listed below


Golf is again allowed to commence at the Ballarat Golf Club from (to be announced) under strict conditions.


Since its closure the Club has being considering how to ensure compliance with any conditions imposed while ensuring as much protection as possible is given to our staff, members and guests to enable the re-opening of the course.

The Club acknowledges that the opening of the golf recognises the important role that golf can play in the community for both exercise and mental health at this difficult time. The restrictive nature of the re-opening does limit access and we therefore ask that when booking to play you consider how often you play and how this may limit the ability of others to participate.

We also ask that you extend every courtesy possible to all others at the Club when you are visiting.
With this in mind the following rules and conditions will apply until further notice and will be subject to review and alteration during this period.

Please read them carefully as:

  • Failure to adhere to these rules will not be tolerated.
  • Failure to comply with these rules or any instruction given to you by any member of staff will result in immediate suspension from the club until “normal” (pre covid-19) playing conditions resume.


  • Initially there will be no competitions during these restrictive arrangements – social play only. This will be reviewed as playing patterns are established and any directives are received from relevant authorities are applied.


  • Pre-printed cards will be available upon arrival. No cards will be used for handicapping purposes. Cards should not be swapped.


  • All players will be required to sign an acknowledgement that they recognise and will abide by the “rules” in place.
  • Play will be in groups of 2 only.
  • “Normal” playing distance must be maintained between each group. ALL Tee Times MUST be pre-booked through the online timesheets (or call the pro shop ONLY if you do not have access.)
  • All times sheets will open 3 days before the date of play. Players not at the tee for their starting time will lose their play for the day. The Course will close at 18:00 – all players MUST be off the course by that time.


  • 9 hole golf only
  • 2 tee start
  • Tee times commence from 7:30 to 16:00
  • All times open to members and guests


  • All play will start from the first tee.
  • Tee times will commence from 7:30 and continue through to 12:30 for MEMBERS ONLY
  • Tee time from 12:40 to 1400 will be for Members, Guests and Green Fee players
  • Tee time from 14:10 until 16:00 will be for 9 holes only.


  • You may arrive at the course 10 minutes before any time booked – not before.
  • Access to the course will be via the pro shop entrance only – including carts.
  • The door will be closed – you must use the door bell provided for access.
  • Players must leave the Club immediately after completing their round.


  • Cups will be raised - The ball would be considered to be holed if it hits the liner. Flags will be in place but must not be touched. There will be no bunker rakes – bunkers should be smoothed as best as possible using your foot. Members should take a sand bucket and retain this for their use until normal playing conditions resume.
  • Green fees players should return buckets, empty then place in sanitising bins.
  • Blue and Red tees only in operation.
  • The par 3 course is closed.
  • Course staff have right of way at all times.
  • Ensure normal player maintenance of the course is observed i.e fill divots and repair pitch marks.
  • Ballwashers are not to be used.
  • Drinking taps are not to be used.


  • The practice green will be closed.
  • The chipping Green will be closed.
  • The driving range will be open BUT MUST be pre-booked to use – practice will be off the mats only–11 mats available only.


  • Carts are to be used by one person only.
  • Those hiring carts MUST provide a current (dated in the last 3 months?) medical certificate indicating that use is required.
  • All other normal cart use rules apply.


  • The Pro Shop will be open from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • It will be staffed by one person only.
  • ALL transactions will be card only.


  • Consumption of alcohol on course or at the Club is STRICTY PROHIBITED. (No BYO Alcohol and no alcohol for sale.)
  • Course and Club marshalling will be undertaken by Club staff including course staff, and any directions given in accordance with these Rules must be complied with.
  • Any abuse of staff, members or guests will not be tolerated.
  • The Club reserves the right to restrict access to any member to allow for reasonable access for all members.