Ballarat Golf Club

The Ballarat Golf Club is committed to providing the highest standard of customer care and responsible gambling. The Ballarat Golf Club recognises, that whilst the majority of people who choose to gamble do so for the enjoyment and entertainment, there are some people for whom this form of entertainment becomes a personal and financial problem.

Whilst an individual’s decision to partake in gaming is a personal choice, it is our responsibility to inform our customers about our gaming facilities and promote the services and support available to them should they seek help for problems associated with gambling.

Gambling may be a problem if you are:

  • Spending more money and time on gambling than intended
  • Hiding your gambling from other people
  • Borrowing money to pay for living expenses e.g. phone bill, groceries, petrol
  • Losing interest in other activities
  • Finding work or your roles as a parent are affected
  • Lying about your gambling
  • Not going to work or home as often

For our part, we are committed to our staff being trained in responsible gambling practices to encourage customers to engage with their gambling as a social and recreational activity in a supportive environment.

Our responsible Gambling Code of Conduct outlines our practises that support our commitment to responsible gambling and customer care.

The complete Code of Conduct can be found via the following link:

pdfBallarat Golf Club Code of Conduct

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